Demo Factor


Some of the more regular questions we get about Demo Factor are listed below. But if there’s anything else, then please email us!

Why isn’t my station listed?

In order to enter Demo Factor, your station must be a member of the Student Radio Association. To find out how to sign up, head over to

Do I need to be attending the National Student Radio Conference to enter?

Yes, otherwise you won’t be there to hear your feedback if you get picked!

What length/format should my entry be in?

  • Demos are usually around 3-5 minutes.
  • You must submit it as an MP3.
  • Please make sure that it’s bitrate is no higher than 256kbps.

When will my demo get listened to?

If you submit your demo it may be played, at random, at the National Student Radio Conference in Norwich on April 4th. There are often more demos submitted than there is time to hear them so we can’t guarantee that your demo will get heard.