Demo Factor

The Judges



Likes: Cleaning, Peonies, sipping Caprina’s, watching Romcoms, playing Netball & Girl Bands.

Dislikes: Overdraft charges, Cigarette smoke & Rudeness.

Likes: Grey’s Anatomy, Liverpool FC, Cake

Dislikes: The sound of other people eating, people who hog the middle arm-rest on trains, Kate Bush

Likes: Laughing, Kylie or Steps (depends on the day), days out with friends, the first G&T

Dislikes: Wonky Wifi on trains, Hayfever, shit waiters, people who take themselves too seriously, Mayonnaise

Likes: Dogs, Pink Cars (I know they're trashy but I can't help it!), Instagram

Dislikes: People with bad attitude, Dead Air, Salad