Demo Factor

Ben currently presents on Absolute Radio, Absolute 90’s across the UK and often covers the Absolute Radio Breakfast Show with Dave Berry. Ben’s love for radio started when he joined university getting involved with student and then community radio in Portsmouth. In his last year at uni he won the first ever Demo Factor (then… [Read More]

Ben won the very first edition of Demo Factor – back when it was actually called “Demo Idol” – at the Student Radio Conference hosted by 1449am URB in Bath. He was a student at Pure FM at the University of Portsmouth. After winning, he was given a one of show on Galaxy. Since then… [Read More]

The origins of Demo Factor start back in 2008 when the Student Radio Conference was hosted by 1449am URB, at Bath University. Back then it was called “Demo Idol”, it was a small and humble stage with just a few tables, and 5 industry judges (Chris North, Neil Sloan, Vicki Blight, Rob Watson, Sam Gregory)…. [Read More]