Demo Factor

The judges have deliberated, and the winner of SRA Demo Factor 2023 is…. CHRIS HOWARD from Spark Sunderland!

And that is that… the end of Demo Factor 2023. We have had 3 golden buzzers, and a lot of great feedback.

Matt Speed from Forge Radio is the final demo of the night. Chris hits the golden buzzer for this heavy metal and rock demo, and his shift between music and personality working well for the judges.

William Tyrrell from Purple radio is next on the list.  His cockroach anecdote keeps 4 judges listening for the full 60 seconds.

Serena Jemmett from FuseFM up next. Chris seems to be reluctant in pressing his buzzer, but decides to do so alongside 3 of his other judges.

Beatrice Lancet from BURN FM has the judges talking throughout. It seems to have worked as Pandora presses the golden buzzer! She is off for a chat with some producers.

Izzy Morris from URN up next. No buzzes for her and host Sophie K is invited up to the stage to judge this alt-black era demo. So whilst she may not get a golden buzzer, she does get an audio book demo offer.

Micheal from Livewire is up next. He may not have not have a last name but he does have 3 judges listening to all 60 seconds.

Pete Donnelly from Scratch Radio on now. He makes it to the end of the 60 seconds with 3 buzzes, with Paul and Pandora listening until the end

Isabella Farlow from Exeter’s Xpression FM is next up. Calum doesn’t press his buzzer and waits to hear all 60 seconds.