Demo Factor


Matt hails from Fly FM in Nottingham and first popped up in Demo Factor 2015. He took all the feedback he was given by the judges on board, came back in 2016 and nailed it! The judges said they thought Matt was “radio ready”. Something they have been proved correct with as Matt is currently… [Read More]

Sammy is from Leeds Student Radio and won Demo Factor in 2015 in Exeter. It was a close fought race with Absolute Radio boss Paul Sylvester ‘umming & arrrghing’ for quite a while. By winning the competition Sammy got the chance to present his own show on Absolute Radio 90s at One Golden Square –… [Read More]

George hails from Fly FM in Nottingham and won last year’s Demo Factor in Newcastle. He was so good that Paul Sylvester, one of the judges and also Deputy Content Director at Absolute radio gave him a job! Paul said:"George is a real talent. His demo was great and he’s the perfect example of why… [Read More]

Ben won the very first edition of Demo Factor – back when it was actually called “Demo Idol” – at the Student Radio Conference hosted by 1449am URB in Bath. He was a student at Pure FM at the University of Portsmouth. After winning, he was given a one of show on Galaxy. Since then… [Read More]