Demo Factor


The Judges

Likes: Laughing, Kylie or Steps (depends on the day), Marvel & Doctor Who (don't judge me), Jaffa Cakes, time with good friends.

Dislikes: Wonky Wifi on trains or anywhere really, Hayfever, shit waiters, people who take themselves too seriously, Sharks, Mayonnaise

Likes: Gadgets, cinema (even on my own… especially on my own) and geeking out over great imaging.

Dislikes: Social isolation, negative people and olives

Likes: Below Deck, married at First sight Australia, trifle

Dislikes: The sound of people eating and Kate Bush.

Likes: The beach, Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit, Sweet compression, Yorkshire Puddings, The West Wing

Dislikes: Driving over bridges, Sour compression, Gravy, Crap White House-based TV Shows that try to be The West Wing

Likes: My dogs, The Kardashian's, growing veg (not necessarily at the same time)

Dislikes: Bananas, gluten and rollercoasters that make your tummy go funny