Demo Factor


Never done a demo before?


In the current circumstances DemoFactor will obviously be slightly different this time around. However it doesn’t mean that the feedback you get from a judge won’t be anything other than their honest opinion (maybe good or bad) and it will still be constructive and hopefully as helpful as usual! A demo should be up to 3 minutes long with your best bit at the start. Make the first minute impress us.

With a lot of you not being at your station at the moment we thought we’d also let you know that we appreciate that editing your demo might be more complicated than usual. Please remember that it’s your content / best links that represent you as a presenter that we’re judging you on so a rough cut or edit won’t count against you – this year!

You may know most of this but if you’re new to making a demo from home here’s some editing suggestions in case you need them.

Audacity is the first audio editor you’ll probably stumble upon through Google, and it’s perfectly adequate, runs on Windows or MAC and supports a massive number of file types including MP3 or WAV. You can record straight into the App, or edit existing files. There’s an enormous number of effects you can use, and a multitrack editor for tweaking that running order and ensuring you’ve got the most impactful stuff in the right places (i.e the first 30 seconds to a minute!).

Remember to save your sessions regularly, and put the best stuff at the start, and make sure you name the file too! Once you’re happy with your demo, upload it at What could be simpler? 

Good luck!

Virtual DemoFactor 2020