Demo Factor


Should you enter? Of course you should!

I still remember being sat in that room in Bath, the faint smell of snakebite wafting from the bar and a sticky floor beneath my feet, I prayed they wouldn’t play my demo because at that stage I was sure it was the worst thing ever confined to a CD (yes a CD – it was ages ago).

Then the closing bars to a Sugerbabes song rang round the room (a current hit at the time – like I said…ages ago) I knew I was about to hear myself doing a link…..What I didn’t know was that single moment would be the basis for my career, I’d meet my agent, we’d talk about my dream to work at Absolute Radio, he’d introduce me to the boss of that station blah blah blah.

I could go on but it’s about 8 years in all so I’ll stop banging on about myself. Point being I can’t think of another forum where you can gain face to face access with industry leaders who give you direct feedback on what you’re doing. Also you’re literally in a bar with them afterwards so you can have a more friendly informal chat, it’s perfect if you’re thinking radio is the next step after uni.

Go for it you won’t regret it!

Ben Burrell, Demo Factor Host 2018