Demo Factor


Be Demo Factor’s Class of 2019!

I can still remember sitting in that room terrified that I was next. I knew my demo faded in on the end of a Sugababes track (that dates it an embarrassing amount) and the moment I heard it ring round the room at Bath Uni I knew I was about to hear myself do my opening link.

What I didn’t know is that that day would change my life. In that afternoon (it was an afternoon back then, it was much less showbiz in those days…) I would meet the person who would become my agent, I’d meet a future boss and a really good friend who has offered endless advice, all on the judging panel. 

So while the whole experience has a side order of absolute terror it is actually worth it, the success rate of past winners going into the industry is very high, but not even that, you’re getting feedback from some of the best in the industry tailored specifically to you. And it might not seem it at the time even if the feedback isn’t good but it will help, believe me. Sometimes bad feedback is better than good.

Working in radio really is one of the best jobs in the world, there’s nothing quite like it. If that’s what you want to do then Demo Factor really can open the right doors for you. So make sure you get to SRACon in Swansea and become the class of 2019, and I look forward meeting you!

Best of luck!