Demo Factor


What a first half!

It’s half-time at Demo Factor 2016, and what a first half!

Kicked off in style with the introduction of Demo Factor’s Ice Luge taking centre stage, the judges took no time to pack in the punches as presenters were told by Paul Sylvester: “You’ll have great careers – as listeners!”

As the crowd got rowdy, Livewire1350’s Freddie Wells was singled out by host Vicki Blight to critique a fellow presenter’s demo, whilst James Wilkinson was told by DF judge, Amy Voce, that he was a natural at the luge.

Pantomime aside, the judges took some convincing, but eventually talent was spotted with Capital Xtra’s Rob Watson asking to hear more of Spark FM’s Chris Anthony Boyle who was commended by others across the panel and the audience.

You can hear Chris’ demo again here: 

Christopher Anthony Boyle - Spark Sunderland

Hi ,Im Chris Boyle From Spark FM and my show is called everything house and i play the naughtiest beats this side of the Angel of the North to kick start your Saturday night.

But it was Rare FM’s Ella Atcheson who stole headlines just before the interval, as Rob Watson described her voice as “warm, engaging and cosy,” Amy explained that she only buzzed because she felt threated for her job, and DF’s very own Simon Cowell, Paul Sylvester, even crumbled admitting “I want to be your friend!”

You can hear Ella’s demo here: 

Ella Atcheson - Individual Memeber

4th year languages student at UCL, does a specialist music show on Rare FM focusing on the music and influences of a different band each week

As the interval draws to a close, and the drinks flow plentifully, how will the second half fair in comparison?

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