Demo Factor


Demo Factor 2019 – Live Blog

22:30That’s all from us here at Demo Factor 2019. Congratulations if you had your demo played but fear not if you didn’t, you have plenty more opportunities.

22:21 – The judges are back… after a lot of deliberation and lots of filling by our host Ben Burrell, the judges have decided who has won Demo Factor 2019… IS FINLAY PANTING FROM FORGE RADIO!

22:16 – The judges are now deliberating! Who is your Demo Factor winner 2019?

22:13 – Final demo of the night and the final golden buzzer from Chris!
Dafydd Evans from Demon FM absolutely smashed it! Could he be the next winner of Demo Factor?

22:10 – Beth Hemmings from Shock Radio – Aled wants to be her friend and she is a warm likeable person, well done Beth you have great potential!

22:08 – Naomi Gildert from URY! Chris was brutal and said the first link could have been better! Better luck next time Naomi.

22:06 -We have just one golden buzzer left, but Emma Snow from Fly FM sadly didn’t get it!

22:04 -With just 10 minutes left of Demo Factor, Jordan Scudder from NSU/Radio is up next! Fiona said it started really well but she didn’t know where it was going… She loved it but got bored! The feedback from judges is getting fierce!

22:01 – Char Stape from Burn FM got some incredible feedback and has definitely got lots of room to improve for next years Demo Factor.

21:59 – All the way from Yorkshire is Hannah Sackville-Bryant from URY! Aled said you have the skill just learn your out… and Adele agrees but feels there is something special about her! Watch out as could Hannah a one to watch?

21:54 – The next demo up is Lauren Moore from Rebel Radio! Paul wanted more pace and energy as it was missing personality but he knows she will come back with even more passion and an incredible demo!

21:49 – Aled gave Dan Girst from Xpression FM in Cardiff the GOLD BUZZER! He thought he was very fun, creative and sleek! Could we be hearing Dan on BBC Radio 1 in a few years?

21:43 – THE THIRD GOLDEN BUZZER OF THE NIGHT! Congrats, Ollie Brooks from University Radio Bath – he certainly kept Adele gripped as she gave you the golden buzzer! She felt she was listening to the radio in the office – has he got what it takes to win Demo Factor?

21:41 – Sadly, Aaron Anderson who is an individual SRA member wasn’t here tonight. He got all red buzzers, wow, these judges aren’t holding back now.

21:39 – The quickest red buzzer of the night so far! Alexander Greensmith from FlyFM – Paul was brutal and so was Fiona… just chop the time checks and don’t be a cliche radio DJ, OUCH!

21:36 – The first demo of the second half is Harry Van Daalen from Shock Radio in the North West. Chris was the last to buzz, he was gripped but he felt it definitely needed more of a push as he kept drifting out of the demo… Adele loved the use of story but be more real. Well done Harry – the nerves of the interval must have been a killer.

21:34 – The judges are back on stage for the second part of Demo Factor. So far we’ve only had TWO golden buzzers… which judge will be the next one to buzz?

21:09 – Can you believe it? We’re halfway through already. Demo Factor will return in 20 minutes with Harry Van Daalen’s demo…

21:03 – ANOTHER GOLD BUZZER!! Congrats to Joe Carden from Wired, in London. Paul absolutely loved it… you really got him hooked and he believed in you as you are passionate and dedicated! What a great way to end the first half…

21:01 – Stephen Bailey from Smoke Radio in London. Aled said he has come so far in the past year, you have grown in to a confident presenter but you just need to push it a little more. Chris wanted just a bit more from the demo, he thought it was too commercial and he wanted to hear of his personality.

20:56 – He was off to a great start but ended with all red buzzers. Marlon Camacho from Shock Radio in the North West was in with the chance of getting a gold buzzer but played TOO much music meaning we didn’t get to hear you and you are the star of the demo. You have potential so just keep working hard.

20:51 – Another demo from Xpress Radio, up now is Ryan Beckerleg. Paul thought it was brilliant, if you continue like this you could be a Demo Factor winner. But, Fiona had something else to say… even though it was interesting she wasn’t a huge fan. I guess the judges tonight are all looking for something different!

20:46 – Cecile Howard from Surge didn’t get ANY buzzers and she certainly left us all on the edge of our seats! Fiona just said you’ve got the skill, just be yourself and enjoy it – it’ll feel more natural. Aled got totally lost in the demo he didn’t realise he had listened to the full minute. Well done Cecile!!

20:43 – The judges have great feedback to brand new presenter Eric Valdimir Berfela from Rebel Radio. Adele, loved his voice but has given great feedback saying craft your links with a start, middle and out! We expect to hear an incredible demo next year.

20:37 – WOW OUR FIRST GOLDEN BUZZER! Well done Finlay Panting from Forge Radio in Yorkshire. Our very first gold buzzer of the night from Fiona! Here is what she had to say… ‘you really thought about what you put in your demo, it was very strong and you have great potential. I really loved it and would happily go for a coffee with you’!! Could Finlay be a potential winner?

20:34 – Annabel Smith from Stag Radio in the south sadly got all red buzzers… Adele was a little unsure whether she liked the song but gave incredible feedback by saying to spend more time in the studio.

20:31 – We are getting in to it and up next is Kerrie Coshan from Fly FM in the Midlands! So, Aled didn’t buzz and loved her personality, if you keep it up you will go far. However, Paul had something different to say… make sure you have the punch lines and that it is only yourself in the first minute at least.

20:28 – Next up is Jacob South-Klein from Xpress Radio in the South West & South Wales. Here is what the judges had to say… Aled says if I was in the office listening to that you are funny & you’ve great personality but it wasn’t the strongest demo I’ve heard.

20:25 – Up first we have Kiran Evans from Surge in the South. The judge’s response wasn’t the best… Paul said it was like a night out with Chris North… oh dear! New judge for 2019, Adele, said great voice but if she agreed with Paul and Chris.

20:23 – The judges have arrived in style! Swansea you better be prepared for this!

20:20 – Here comes the host with the most, Ben Burrell

20:15 – We’re about to start… Are you ready?