Demo Factor


Demo Factor 2020 – Live Blog

And that’s a wrap! Thank you to everyone who entered a demo, we hope the feedback has been useful! We can’t wait to see you all, hopefully in person, next year!

22:47 Special well done to Jack Hellier and Mollie Finn! You’ll also be hearing from some of our judges very soon!

22:46 And the winner is… ALEX WEST from URY! You made the judges think and they want to hear from you again! Paul wants to put our winner Alex straight onto Absolute Radio! Congratulations!!

22:43 In a surprise move, Paul wants to hear from URY’s Alex West again! PAUL FINALLY GETS TO PRESS HIS GOLDEN BUZZER FOR ALEX! Congratulations Alex! This is one of the best demos Paul has heard in all his years on Demo Factor. Alex has got a human connection, and a 10 out of 10 from Paul!

22:38 Tom Levins from Shock Radio sneaks in before we end this year’s Demo Factor! Aled needed a little more realism from Tom. Paul wanted to hear the full minute, the demo was grabbing enough for a full minute but needs a little more polishing.

22:34 Eleanor Anderson from Radio Sonar is up next as we approach the end of this year’s Demo Factor. Paul thought Eleanor’s demo is good, but it’s not quite got the grab some other demos have had.

22:31 Back to Leeds Student Radio for Jenna Green. So close to making it to the full minute! Aled thought he heard some edits in this demo. Pippa sees some solid presenting skills in Jenna, but needs more oomph!

22:28 Next to Leicester’s Demon FM for Thomas Fair’s demo! Thomas got a full minute with no buzzers, Paul really enjoyed what he heard. The judges can hear Thomas on LBC!

22:26 Lily-Rose Lenton from FZN Radio next. Pippa and Aled think the demo was lacking pace, it needed more direction. The judges need to be grabbed instantly, make sure your demos start with a bang!

22:24 Just ten demos left! Ed Farrar from RAW 1251AM is up next. A full minute for Ed with no buzzers! Almost Aled and Paul’s golden buzzer, the judges loved Ed’s passion for the music in his first link. Paul loved how the link was paced, radio-ready! Well done Ed!

22:20 Back to Leeds Student Radio, Ben Swift, you’re up! Paul wants Pandora to press her golden buzzer. The judges are very impressed with Ben! Aled enjoyed Ben’s demo but wants to be wowed. Keep going Ben!

22:16 Off to Purple Radio, hello Sophie Banerji! All judges buzzed for this demo, a note from Paul, if you’re doing a demo with multiple presenters, talk to the audience, not the other person.

22:12 We’re onto Tyler Selby now, back to Spark! A late final buzzer from Chris just before the minute. Pippa thought Tyler had a great voice but the demo fell a bit flat as it went on. Pandora’s got Tyler’s energy but the second link lost her. Come back next year Tyler!

22:02 Another individual member, Katie Tyler, you’re up! Another full minute, but two buzzers from Aled and Chris. Chris likes Katie’s voice, reminiscent of a young Lynn Parsons, but maybe not for our judges’ stations. Paul and Pippa thought Katie’s warmth came across.

21:56 From Cardiff to Sunderland, Pascal Maguet is up next! A full minute with no buzzes for Pascal. Paul thought the demo got better as it went on. Aled can hear Radio 1 specialist show in Pascal’s demo, almost a golden buzzer.

21:53 For the third time tonight, we’re back to Xpress Radio, this time with Ryan Beckerleg! An early buzz from Pandora, she loves the energy and the voice, but she’s not here to listen to dinosaur sounds! Aled wants a conversation, not a broadcast. Not the strongest feature, but they like you, Ryan!

21:49 Onto Gwenda Killick from Livewire now. Some quick buzzers for Gwenda’s demo, Chris and Aled think this isn’t the best link Gwenda’s produced. Chris wants to hear from her again next year with a better link.

21:45 Conor Finn is up next, he’s an individual member. Can he keep up the strong start to this half? Aled is not a fan of singing in demos. Conor made Pandora laugh, but she couldn’t stay engaged.

21:39 First up, Jack Hellier from Spark! WE HAVE PIPPA’S GOLDEN BUZZER!! Pippa sees plenty of potential, she thought Jack was speaking directly to her. Paul sees a young Jordan North in Jack, now that’s a compliment! He’s one for the future!

21:31 After a quick break we’re back for the second half! Judges have been impressed so far, let’s hope the demos keep up this very high bar. Good luck everyone!!

21:22 Back to Xpress Radio in Cardiff for Agathe Dijoud. Aled was hooked with the first link but the next link lost him! Pippa loved Agathe’s voice and passion for the environment, promising from Pippa.

21:15 We’re off to Nerve Radio to hear from Mollie Finn now. WE HAVE OUR FIRST GOLDEN BUZZER!! Chris wants to hear more from Mollie. Applause all round from the judges! Chris was engaged, got that Mollie is a natural storyteller, and is radio-ready! One note from Paul, let the punchline breathe before you move on. Amazing, congrats Mollie!

21:09 To Wales now! With Angus Mitchell from Xpress Radio. Chris liked Angus’ early natural vibe but was thrown by the second voice. So nearly a golden buzzer from Pandora, but the second link dropped off, come back next year Alec!

21:03 Next up is Jelena Sofronijevic who is an individual member! A very quick buzz from Aled, and the other judges followed. Aled needed more passion. Pandora and Chris wanted more from you Jelena, not the interviewee!

21:00 Toby James from SARC Radio, you’re up! Paul doesn’t want to hear clich├ęs, this is Demo Factor, not CV Idol!! Aled and Pandora want your demos tailored to the station you want to fit into.

20:54 Exeter calling! James Moses from Xpression FM is up next! Two quick buzzers from Paul and Chris, the judges aren’t messing about! Never start with a jingle! Pandora wants to hear the real James next year.

20:45 Onto Sophie Wales from Surge Radio! For Aled, the bar is so high this year that Sophie just needs a bit more conviction in her speech. Paul really liked Sophie’s passion for the music early in the demo.

20:41 We’re off down to Stag Radio in Surrey for Jenna Pacini. Pandora saw potential but wanted more! Everyone liked Jenna’s voice, but think a little more work is needed.

20:35 Now up to Yorkshire with Alex West from URY. No buzzes from the judges, Paul loved the passion for music and Alex’s ability to discuss mental health. Only five words Paul didn’t like in the whole demo!

20:32 Next up, Callum Reeve and Chloe Williams from Smoke Radio! Paul and Chris need you to start with your best material, that opening 30 seconds is vital!

20:28 And we’re off! First up, Alec Feldman from Leeds Student Radio, a full minute for our first demo! Paul thought the joke went on a little too long but wanted more of Alec’s personality.

20:20 Here are our judges for this evening, Chris North, Paul Sylvester, Aled Haydn Jones, Pippa Taylor, and Pandora.

20:18 Our host, Ben Burell gets us going from his kitchen!

20:17 What an opening! We’re still bringing you all the fireworks you expected from Demo Factor!

20:13 The countdown is complete. Good luck to everyone who entered the first-ever Virtual Demo Factor!

20:00 We’re just getting ready to start, who’s excited? We are!!