Demo Factor


We’re very pleased to welcome Student Radio Alumni, and presenters of BBC Radio 1’s Weekend Breakfast, Sam & Danni as the hosts of the 2024 DemoFactor hosted by LSR, Leeds Student Radio. “We’re so gassed to be hosting Demofactor 2024! It’s one of THE best events in the student radio calendar full of drama and… [Read More]

As promised we’re bringing Demo Factor back for 2020, but this year, virtually! We may be socially distanced but we’re going to bring the show and our BIG GOLD LETTERS to you so you won’t have to walk very far to grab a drink! Sadly we can’t bring you a glitter cannon, smoke machine or… [Read More]

I still look back at Demo Factor last year and have to pinch myself at what happened that night. I entered this having never played my demo to anyone in industry, simply looking for feedback on what I could do better yet there I was in a room with some of the best voices in… [Read More]

In the current circumstances DemoFactor will obviously be slightly different this time around. However it doesn’t mean that the feedback you get from a judge won’t be anything other than their honest opinion (maybe good or bad) and it will still be constructive and hopefully as helpful as usual! A demo should be up to 3… [Read More]

With SRACon postponed until 2021, in these rather bonkers but difficult times we at DemoFactor have decided that our show will go on. Somehow! It might not be the live first night of conference we were hoping you’d be part of in Salford, but the whole team, along with the SRA Officers felt you should… [Read More]

I can still remember sitting in that room terrified that I was next. I knew my demo faded in on the end of a Sugababes track (that dates it an embarrassing amount) and the moment I heard it ring round the room at Bath Uni I knew I was about to hear myself do my… [Read More]

I still remember being sat in that room in Bath, the faint smell of snakebite wafting from the bar and a sticky floor beneath my feet, I prayed they wouldn’t play my demo because at that stage I was sure it was the worst thing ever confined to a CD (yes a CD – it… [Read More]